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Ninja Soldier - The Revenge


There’s a new Superhero in town!Ninja Soldier - The Revenge is an action-packed, awesome fun and challenging running game. It tells the story of a man named Clint Connor, a normal human that was enhanced with technologies, raised in the way of ninja, trained to be the best soldier and to have the heart of a warrior. He then later become the Ninja Soldier, master of guns and sword.
Help the hero to carry out his revenge against every monster that have killed his clan. Fight every monster, slash ‘em, and shoot ‘em. Use your rifle and sword, and be the real ultimate warrior to get your revenge.
Key Features:• fun and challenging gameplay• awesome graphics, effects and cool monster• Unlock Achievements and get rewards• Compete with friends in leaderboard• Gradually increased difficulty• Choose weapons: sword or gun, Slash ‘em or Shoot ‘em• Special skill: Power Sword• Awesome special attacks: summon sword, and shoot beam
Play now! Slash monsters and be the ultimate warrior! Fight and carry out revenge against every monster responsible for the destruction of your clan.
PLEASE NOTE: Ninja Soldier - The Revenge is free to download and play, but some game items can also be purchased for real money.